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What are hair extensions?

Updated: Aug 6

What are hair extensions? This question is very important for the hair industry. Human hair combinations, all the more ordinarily known as hair extensions or hair weaves, include the length or potential completion of human hair.

We normally cut, stuck, or sewn human hair with 3 head machines. These techniques are called machine weft, micro-machine weft, triple weft, frontal, lace closure, and wigs.

I will cover the topic

  • History

  • Type of hair

  • Color, texture, and quality

  • Hair extensions preparation terminology

real raw natural hair extensions
Original Natural Raw Hair Extensions


A hair weave is a human hair used for joining with one’s common hair. Weaves can change one’s appearance for long or brief time frames by adding further hair to one’s normal hair or by covering the characteristic hair together with human hairpieces.

Weaving extra-humans or pieces can improve one’s hair by giving it volume and length, and by including shading without the harm of synthetic substances or receiving an alternate hair surface than that of their own.

In any case, balding can happen either along the front hairline or over the ears because of the wearing of explicit hairdos for a drawn-out time frame, for example, weaves. We know such male pattern baldness as footing alopecia.

By the late seventeenth century, wigs in different shapes and sizes turned into a most stylish trend pattern.

Hair weaves specifically didn’t develop enthusiasm until 1940; notwithstanding, during that time, big names had been the main ones using them. At the point when the “long, disco-haired” time advanced, there turned into an across-the-board utilization of hair weave. Since that period, hair weaving has just turned out to be more popular.

Most human hair weaves originate from Asian nations like India, Burma, Malaysia, Mongolia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and Europe.

Type Of Hairs

We know the most prevalent and regularly accessible types of hair extensions are extraordinary hair and special hair.

I sell it in most excellent supply stores or on the web.

Extraordinary brand hair extensions come in seven qualities:

  1. Sensationnel quality

  2. Splendid quality

  3. Marvellous quality

  4. Exclusive Fine

  5. Luxury quality

  6. Legend quality

  7. Elite quality

Special brand hair extensions also come in seven qualities:

  1. Gold plus quality

  2. Platinum quality

  3. Unique quality

  4. Premium quality

  5. Super Fine quality

  6. Deluxe quality

  7. Classic quality

Extraordinary hair extensions:

the most affordable sort of hair extensions. Machine weft hair extensions, micro-machine weft hair extensions, triple weft hair extensions, and bulk-loose hair extensions are available in this brand. The same things are special brand hair extensions.

Human hair extensions are never tangled, while artificial hair extensions are tangled after some time.

Synthetic Fibers It makes synthetic fibers of different materials and contains no human hair. Manufactured filaments come in weave (weft) and single strands (mass) for twists. They don’t keep going as long as human hair since they can be effectively harmed by grinding and warmth.

The nature of filaments fluctuates extraordinarily. Contingent upon quality, they may never look like human hair, as they can be hardened and move uniquely in contrast to human hair. Synthetic fibers are considerably less costly than human hair.

Warming machines, for example, hair curling accessories, level irons, and fixing brushes, mostly, ought to never be used on most kinds of manufactured hair.

Futura is a synthetic fiber that can withstand warmth up to 400 °F (200 °C) and can outlive human hair. It is the same as human hair given it is without tangle and has a characteristic sheen. It tends to be fixed or twisted, it takes more time to set and Futura can’t be shaded. It is here and there, sold as a human hair mix.

Human Hair

Hair extensions that come from true virgin, raw (cuticle hair) have the most durability and ease of use, as the integrity of the hair has not been broken or altered by the method of collection.

This continues to be true if this hair is then simply wefted or sewn on a track, with no processed chemical or steamed done on the hair. We can do anything like your hair. You can do color, dyed, bleach and so many things without any problems.

Hair Extensions Industries

We sold human hair extensions for weaves, lace closures, frontal, and other hair styling products. It is an industry that generates millions of dollars annually and is growing as a large export economy in some Asian countries, such as India, at a rate of 10–30 percent annually.

In India, we source much of the hair from Hindu temples (Tirupati temples and Madurai temples) where the hair is donated for religious practices, particularly in honor of the Hindu god Vishnu.

We highly sought these hair extensions out for it. Virgin has untreated qualities, as well as its great lengths from 10” to 40”. From there the hair is cleaned, and we remove the color before being re-dyed for international style tastes.

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Color, texture, and quality of hair extensions


Suppliers of artificial hair extensions use a standard scale to arrange the hair by shading. The lower the number on the bundle, mostly, the darker the shading. 1 normally shows the darkest darkness and would wind up lighter with expanding numbers worth, finishing at the lightest blonde, at that point at long last white.

These hues change significantly, starting with one maker and then onto the next, and certain claims to famed hair extension providers additionally make their mark in examples and hues.

Human hair color always comes in an endless variety, from platinum blonde to darkest natural black # 1b. Real raw blonde human hair is scarce and is highly sought after.

Textures of human hair extensions and artificial hair extensions.

Textures of artificial hair extensions vary from very straight to extremely curly, or kinky. The exact names of curl patterns vary by brand, and the possibilities of curl patterns with synthetic hair are endless, but some examples of packaged textures include Silky straight, Yaki - straight, usually mimicking the texture of relaxed Afro-Caribbean hair. Deep waves - while generally not a true ‘wave’, they can be made to look like spiral curls/3a hair. Romance waves - looser version of the deep wave, softer, more romantic curls. Kinky curly (very tightly coiled curly. Wet and wavy, can be packaged as a Spanish wave, Italian wave, Water wave, Ocean wave, and so many artificial textures.

The machine makes all artificial textures. They are not durable. After two or three washes with water, it will become tangled and become straight.

Textures of human hair extensions vary from natural straight to naturally curly, and all the naturally occurring textures that are in between. The exact curl patterns vary by person and so the possibilities of curl patterns with true raw hair are endless.

There are only six human hair extensions textures are natural hair extensions textures as shown below.

  1. Natural Straight

  2. Natural Wavy

  3. Natural Loose Wave

  4. Natural Deep Wave

  5. Natural Body Wave

  6. Natural Curly

Hair Extensions preparation terminology.

Virgin hair extensions

These are single donor hair extensions. Virgin hair is hair that hasn’t been colored, dyed, or processed and may or may not still be growing from the head. This should include all steam processes.

Coarse Hair Extensions

It is also called raw hair extensions. This is thick hair with no chemical treatment. If someone does the chemical treatment, hair extensions lose thickness and are coarse. We cannot say that these are raw hair.

Remy hair extensions

These are a mixture of different donors. Furthermore, ‘Remy’ hair produced in factories has all been acid-treated to remove a large portion of the cuticles. This minimizes tangling leaving the western hair supplier, and eventual client, thinking that it is ‘Remy’, never learning how to feel the cuticles and misguided in general as to the real meaning of the word.

Single-drawn hair extensions

The single-drawn bundles will result in only the shortest hairs being removed from the original hair extensions from a single donor. The amount of the shortest hairs removed depends upon the hair preparers' (workers) instructions. The equipment used is a hackle and not a drawing board (or drawing mat).

The single-drawn hair bundle will contain a variety of different hair strand lengths, only the very shortest having been removed. It is commonplace in the hair extension industry to call any hair “single drawn” regardless of whether they have drawn it at all.

The quality of the hair itself is irrelevant to the drawing process. It is generally of a lower price bracket than double-drawn hair because of shorter hair still being contained within.

Double-drawn hair extensions

The hair extensions sizes from top to bottom are the same. They are made only by different donors, not by a single donor. While single drawn is 100% natural hair extensions from a single donor.

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